Online Marketplaces Align Google, Yelp, Bagedo IB

Online Marketplaces Align Google, Yelp, Bagedo IB
Ecommerce also refocuses cultures, allowing women in Saudi Arabia to shop online. Many do not drive or shop by themselves, so it opens a new market for local and international stores, according to Alanood Basheer, GM at Bagedo IB, and Renad Rajab, …
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Marketing needs allocated resources in SMEs
South Africans are increasingly turning to online platforms to source goods and services, therefore online marketing, in the form of social media platforms or a website, offers vast opportunities for entrepreneurs. However, entrepreneurs need to be …

Credit Union Waves in Wearable Payments
"Introducing new technology is one of the ways we can create value for members," Bryan Mavrow, senior vice president of marketing at First West CU, said. "Wearable payment accessories is a rapidly emerging area that pairs well with our commitment to …
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