Online PR is all about Community

Online PR is all about Community

Animation about how to approach Online Public Relations from RealWire the news/press release distribution company. The video highlights the community nature of the online media and suggests that in the beginning it may help your success if you imagine you are the guest at a party where you don’t know many people. For more information about how RealWire can help you to approach your online public relations in this way visit For versions to download visit

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20 Responses to Online PR is all about Community

  1. Jan Vehar says:

    Thanks for this video, RealWire! :)

  2. Phil Turtle says:

    Interesting take

  3. Kristine Cartilla says:

    thank you for this video

  4. bruckner55 says:

    This is not Public Relations

  5. radroatch says:

    I wonder if anyone in the field of PR ever stop to really get a full understanding the ethical impact they are exerting on the world.

  6. drbree82 says:

    The funny thing is, there are still PR companies using these “old Skool” techniques today, and charging for them. Good PR is about exploiting exposure opportunities where and whenever they arise. kristinaustin. com

  7. suicdekng says:

    Top notch work on this. I do find it a bit creepy to think of corporations infiltrating the web, ‘engaging’ and ‘networking’ as real members…. I mean, I know it happens, but a video explaining how to do it and why it is good for business is pretty disconcerting. Still, a really well made, accurate and useful (to evil corporations =P) animation.

  8. PRMarketingcom says:

    Great information! Love the party analogy!

  9. Dimple Trivedi says:


  10. dayspeace says:

    This video is really helpful. This is a great source for my advertising class.

  11. danielperry12387 says:

    I love your video..Hope to find more uploads from you.

  12. Liftcommunicatie says:

    @travelbuddy101. This video is redundant because some people can’t understand something that is said, others can’t understand visuals without those being explained or read, and some people cannot duplicatie anything at all without multiple impulses hitting their sensory channels in a coordinated way. These phenomena can be found at any level, from the lowest street bum to the highest executive in a company or institution. That’s why.

  13. travelbuddy101 says:

    this video is too busy. And why do you use the script as text on screen and voice over? This is just over kill.

  14. Olga Samsonova says:


  15. 20mirmo07 says:

    may i ask what software you use for the editing???

  16. noluthando31 says:

    This has been helpful, giving a know how on how connections & relationships are built. High lights on Interesting conversations.

  17. freedomfighter213 says:

    I loved this. Very good visuals!

  18. PRWeekend says:

    A very good explanation of “how connections & relationships are built” as part of the PR profession.

  19. RodinPavel says:

    it’s really good description of the modern community world… We live in the Times when Mass Media system converted to People News Networks

  20. GenesisBM2009 says:

    interesting video. Good use of pictures.

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