Online Reviews Provide a Learning Experience for Small Businesses

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) September 03, 2012

5 Star Control applauds Noblesville’s dentist, Dr. Chad Bailey, for using online tools to improve his business. Reputation Management site 5StarControl issued a statement that businesses are going to blossom as they learn from reviews.

As Dr. Bailey found out, online reviews can provide more then feedback. They can be used to improve, learn and grow if used correctly. As a doctor he wants to provide the best care possible, but how is he to know what he is doing right or wrong without feedback. Through the use of Yelp, Google, Yahoo, and Bing he has been provided the feedback necessary to bring in more clients, and make sure he is taking care of the ones he already has.

Yelp is a great site for any small business. Not only can customers post directly about a business, but there are also tools in the background to monitor and view what the customers are seeing. From the business tools it is possible to contact reviewers and follow up on bad yelp reviews.

Google is the most known of the search engines, and can be a huge tool in helping potential clients find any business. Providing a listing in Google Places, and asking customers to provide reviews should be a key strategy for any small business marketing.

Yahoo is a great directory as well, as not only are they a search engine, but there is a forum for questions as well. Providing feedback when someone asks about a local service or business can help steer customers towards a business, and can also show that the business is current and active in the community.

This small business is using online review to improving their practices and provide a place for consumers to interact with the businesses they support. Not only is Dr. Baileysdf using social media as a tool for local internet marketing, he is also learning from the material to help grow his practice.

5StarControl is a site covering individual business concepts regarding positive Yelp reviews.

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