Online SEO Training with ClickMinded

This is a quick demo of the ClickMinded online SEO training class. This clip covers a number of different topics, including why query refinement has changed SEO, the difference between certain types of links, my perspective on authoritative link building, and why Google will always be a “search-first” company. Want to learn more? Check out the full class:

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  2. John Geyer says:

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  3. Tommy Griffith says:

    Hahaha, yea, Debian was a good sport!

  4. Tommy Griffith says:

    Yep, I gave a lecture at the HULT International School in San Francisco.

  5. Tommy Griffith says:

    That’s a bold statement…. but thanks!

  6. Tommy Griffith says:


  7. Tommy Griffith says:

    Are you signed up on Udemy or AppSumo? What’s your username? Feel free to message me if you have questions, and I’m glad you like this class!

  8. Tommy Griffith says:

    Search engine optimization won’t make you money. Having a great product that people can find will make you money. I wouldn’t go into it this way if I were you. My 2 c’s.

  9. Tommy Griffith says:

    Hahaha, ummm…. thanks! I didn’t think a 6 minute demo video could be that moving… but I appreciate it? :)

  10. rosy kirtley says:

    I really just loved the way you uploaded and made available us this video to make us aware of the changes in SEO. I really give you a big hand and big clap, I really thank you from bottom of my heart.

  11. LAILA MAIDEN says:

    I can tell you one thing One of my friend showed me his cheque that he is receiving weekly with this killer seo strategy. Can you tell me how do I earn money with SEO?

  12. robert decosta says:

    Outsourcing to a professional seo services company still helps in many companies to do well in their businesses online.

  13. david sheggard says:

    I love you man, This is helpful in every sense; Search engine optimisation is becoming more diffucult with recent updates..

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