OnRevenue.com Announces Automated Coupons & Promotions Marketing Software for all Franchise Owners

Palo Alto, CA (PRWEB) December 18, 2012

Salem Kahn, CEO of OnRevenue.com today announced the completed expansion of OnRevenue.coms automated coupons and marketing software. We have received great reviews confirming increased sales from our customers using OnRevenue.com expanded automatic promotions for their franchises.

For example, Leon Feuerberg had limited success in attracting new customers to his mobile dog grooming franchise, Aussie Pet Mobile. He knew online marketing for his business could help him boost sales, but as a small business owner his demanding work schedule didnt leave him much opportunity to spend time building one. Instead, Leon had to hire multiple companies to create and manage the different aspects of a web presence for his business. Each company managed a different part of his online presence, from running his online marketing and advertising campaigns, to hosting a basic business website: just enough to have a minimal presence on the internet.

The head of corporate marketing for Aussie Pet Mobile offered Leon the opportunity to participate in a test with a company called OnRevenue.com Leon saw an opening to improve his online marketing by hiring a single company to operate his businesss web strategy, instead of piecing together a system from multiple companies. He was also intrigued by OnRevenue.coms platform, which uses intelligent software to automate normally time consuming tasks such as creating and distributing promotions, and following up with prospects and leads. Presented with the opportunity to not only streamline the operation of his online presence, but to also add on to and improve the different aspects of his Internet Marketing for his franchise, Leon chose to begin using OnRevenue.com.

Working with OnRevenue.com specialists, Leon started by putting together a small Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign. “They spent time with me talking about my business, our coupon & specials promotions and working with Google on positioning. They created this gorgeous multi-level website for Aussie Pet Mobile of Northwest. What we had before was like the neighborhood corner market, versus a regional super center. We had no presence, and now, all of a sudden we had this beautiful gorgeous website with multiple levels and all kinds of cool stuff on it, and we could stand up against any of our competitors. Now we look really professional, which is great. “

OnRevenue.coms experience in franchise PPC management and website search engine optimization (SEO) ensured that whenever people in Seattle were using the internet to look for pet care, they found Leon’s site. “Almost immediately we saw results: we started getting more and better quality calls. Within a couple of months my call volume had doubled. OnRevenue.com sat down with me and analyzed our promotions and my pay-per-click campaign, provided analytics and other marketing tools. So we increased our PPC budget slightly, and once again our call volume doubled.

Automated email marketing and easy-to-use content creation tools gave Leon the ability to keep his business in front of prospects and customers, and inform them of any news or promotions from his franchise. Automated follow-up applications in the OnRevenue.com platform would automatically engage leads, prospects, and customers with content, which notably increased Leons conversion rates and lowered his cost-per-sale.

After Leon was introduced to OnRevenue.coms new promotion engine, he was impressed by how OnRevenue.coms software effectively managed promotions for his business. By automatically syndicating these promotions to other parts of Leons web presence, such as his businesss blog and Facebook page, OnRevenue.coms system enabled Leon to generate real value from his social media presence. Over twenty integrated applications enabled Leon to increase his businesss online visibility, effectively engage prospects with information and promotions, and expand his customer base via social media and referral marketing.

Using the OnRevenue.com platform, Leon was able to turn his Aussie Pet Mobile franchise into a full faceted business with automated coupons and promotions. Working with OnRevenue.com enabled me to have a team of experts handle my digital presence at a fraction of the cost and time investment says Leon.

“Im getting so much more bang for my advertising dollar since I switched to OnRevenue.com. The number of new customers is two to three times greater over the past year. Thats customers that I take to the bank because we now have a 95% customer repeat rate. I see no reason why our relationship with OnRevenue.com will not go on for a very long time because they have been a key part in our business growth the last year.

Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, OnRevenue.com is an online advertising, marketing, and sales software company with a platform that implements a complete solution for businesses looking to increase and optimize their web presence. OnRevenue.coms mission is to provide businesses with easy-to-use automated applications that allow them to generate new leads online, convert their leads into customers, and keep their customers and leads engaged with the company. For more information on OnRevenue.coms products and services, or to register for a no-obligation 14 day free trial, please visit http://www.OnRevenue.com

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