Oozinator Review

Funny review we made of the oozinator. We also submitted this to ShopWiki.com and made !

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23 Responses to Oozinator Review

  1. montyu2365 says:

    lmfao no shit dude!!

  2. carltoons1 says:

    cum blaster

  3. Steven77769 says:

    There is a fucking evil face on the trash bag in the back ground…

  4. OrangeVidProductions says:


  5. MyPincheLoco says:

    can you use other thing than “ooze” on the second cannon?

  6. nickthelegofanatic says:

    sooooooo much innuendo

  7. Jedhaase says:

    i felt gay after watching 1:11 – 1:20

  8. VividTaco says:

    “Ooze pumping shaft”

  9. protestst says:

    its sperm

  10. XRaykaX says:

    “Quote from Video.” ROTFL

  11. thebullowl1999 says:

    “Now as far as safety goes, the ooze non-toxic, but were gonna recommend that you don’t swallow the ooze.” LOL

  12. soundslave says:

    it’s got better range than me.

  13. TheGriefingGod says:

    How did they keep a straight face.

  14. Antonio Izquierdo says:

    “We’ve all seen videos online of people being shot in the face with ooze.” It’s called porn…

  15. Bmm4755 says:

    hahahahaha he sed u fill with water… yeah right

  16. andybpiano says:

    The guy on the left kinda sounds like Kermit the Frog.

  17. Halfrican365 says:

    Whats wrong with them O.O 

  18. RUMMACHINE says:

    wana buy ammo?

  19. woody3757 says:

    wow shes really talented to fit that toy in there

  20. SCIFIguy64 says:

    There was an oozinator in my GFs ass last night.

  21. jackflash103 says:

    0:44 how would you say it feels in your hands? WELL… I’d say that feels pretty hard in my hands!!!

  22. TheJustinluther says:

    somehow smosh sent me…..

  23. Irregulator KonyIsBestPony says:

    Omg this video has so many “that what she said” in it.

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