OpenAmplify’s New Version 3.0 API Boosts Sentiment Analysis with a Signal that Answers “Why”

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) March 12, 2013

OpenAmplify, a leader in big data Text Analysis and Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions, announced today the release of its Version 3.0 API. The company unveiled new features that advance the automatic understanding of social conversations. Building on its strength in topic-level sentiment analysis and leveraging multi-patented NLP technology, OpenAmplify Version 3.0 has a new signal that tells you why social customers feel positive or negative about a brand. This is among many features released today that further OpenAmplifys commitment to be the top provider of conversation analysis solutions for social media professionals.

Engagement is king for social enterprises, said Mark Redgrave, Co-Founder and CEO of OpenAmplify. The key to effective customer engagement is to better understand what drives the social customer. Knowing which brands are relevant and which ones drive positive or negative sentiment is essential. But knowing precisely what features and attributes drive that sentiment the things that actually make them love your brand or product now thats the exciting leap forward weve achieved in this latest version.

Generally available today, OpenAmplify Version 3.0 incorporates a range of enhancements to improve both analysis quality and service utility, including:

Topic Descriptions Signal – Exposes how topics are described in conversations and comments across social channels. Surfacing the descriptors and adjectives attached to topics and sentiment helps to answer why they love your brand. For example, a positively regarded topic phone might have references to cool or dependable. Topic Descriptions allows marketers to check for alignment between their brand messaging and the unvarnished voice of the social customer. For product developers, it can be a tool for discovering which product features and attributes are missing the mark and driving negativity.

Co-Reference: It OpenAmplify has been the pioneer in linking multiple sentences via pronouns, without which sentiment and other signals cannot be as accurate. Version 3.0 cracks the linguistic challenge of linking the pronoun it to the correct topic. Unlike the pronouns she and he, it is notoriously difficult to properly associate with a topic. For example, I went to a new restaurant. It was great versus It was raining. Being able to properly link it improves accuracy in weighting of topics across millions of conversations.

Other social-grade improvements – spanning four areas: 1) the range/depth of the analysis; 2) the quality/precision of the analysis, 3) speed of processing and 4) The ability of production systems to aggressively scale to meet demand. Full documentation is available at

We believe focusing on the topic is the only truly useful way to approach sentiment analysis, said Michael Petit, Co-Founder and CIO of OpenAmplify. The new Topic Descriptions Signal wraps market leading sentiment analysis with all the rich color our clients need to see clearly what is actually driving peoples opinions. This is NLP in HD and Im proud of our team who continue to define the state of the art.

Grab an API key to get started on your free trial of OpenAmplify Version 3.0. Please visit this page for full documentation and a quick start guide.

About OpenAmplify

OpenAmplify ( is a leader in big data Text Analysis and Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions. OpenAmplify uses patented NLP technology, mimicking the human process of language understanding to identify the significant topics, brands, people, perspectives, emotions, attributes, intentions, actions and timescales contained in online text. The OpenAmplify API returns the meaning in English-language content in usable and actionable data structures including XML and JSON, thereby enabling other solutions providers to create products that their customers will love.

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