Oppo Find 5 Review!

The Oppo Find 5! It’s the Storm Trooper of 1080p smartphones in 2013. Gotta love it! Find 5 First Impressions: http://youtu.be/1E6PDgIwFg4 Pricing, availabil…
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  1. Being an international phone it only runs on GSM pentaband networks, so in the states thats TMobile and AT&T Networks. Check with your service provider if it will work. UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA/HSPA+/HSPA+42 (850, 1700, 1900, 2100MHz) GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900MHz). It will not run on sprint and verizon unfortunately since they are CDMA networks.

  2. Margues, SInce i currently have Verizon and the iphone 5 how would i get the Oppo 5 to work if the phone is unlocked? Do i just buy a new SIM card and transfer my contacts in the store and then install the new SIM in the Oppo and i’m ready to go?

  3. $499 For the 16Gb and $570 for the 32Gb, both of which come unlocked standard. This is pretty good compared to other unlocked phones like the xperia Z (650) DNA (720)

  4. Actually oppo being a fairly small company with a few number of smart phone dedicates more time to firmware updates. We have been seeing around 1-2 updates per week while they work out some firmware bugs. They also immediately respond to user advice and incorporates what the people want into their UI. As for bloatware, there is non. It is skinned yes, but no extraneous apps or tools. Plus its an android flash a new UI or launcher and youre good to go.

  5. Agreed, it seems like the Oppo find 5 is getting a little underrated, it deserves to be shown off to the world. I have been trying to figure out a way to make a viral video incorporating the oppo find 5 so people will know the brand and buy it xD

  6. Yes it has the latest bluetooth 4.0 which can do file transfers between devices using the BTF app. The oppo find 5 also has NFC capabilities so it can also transfer files that way, however Oppo says for best transfer speeds use communication between 2 oppo devices. Adding to the plethora of features, you can also stream movies to other DLNA capable device by screen mirroring.

  7. UI isnt choppy any more, firmware updates fixed this. The original Beta UI was a little slow at first. There is nothing to worry about Oppo is on top of their game.

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