Optimize Digital Marketing & Social Media – Interview with Charlotte Blank of General Motors

Lee Odden, Author of OptimizeBook.com How to Attract and Engage More Customers by Integrating SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing interviews Charlotte Blank, Manager of Social Media for General Motors about digital marketing and social media during the Online Marketing Summit in San Diego 2012. Charlotte answered two key questions in the interview: 1. How much do you segment your digital marketing towards customer acquisition vs. customer retention? How does social media play into that mix? 2. When it comes to new digital marketing technology or tactics, how do you decide what to invest in? How do you decide what to experiment with? Check out the video for her smart and savvy answers. You can connect with Charlotte Blank on Twitter at: twitter.com Get more information on Lee Odden, TopRank Marketing and Optimize at: twitter.com www.toprankblog.com http www.toprankmarketing.com
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3 thoughts on “Optimize Digital Marketing & Social Media – Interview with Charlotte Blank of General Motors

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  2. Nice to hear this informative interview and according to me nowadays to engage and attract readers towards a website one should create a killer content which will unique and informative. As content is king in the perspective of ethical SEO. And Social media is a good way for engagement and interaction. Like for B2C one can be familiar with Facebook which provide a facility of direct interaction with customers and for B2B one can prefer LinkedIn(silent player in arena of social media).

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