Optimizing your website to attract business in 2013, Friday February 1st, 2013

Optimizing your website to attract business in 2013, Friday February 1st, 2013
Event on 2013-02-01 14:15:00

Optimizing your website to attract business in 2013 (min. 1 hour)

Presented by:Pierre Louis Landry, Landry Solutions

Sponsored by Tour Tech East

Part of the  All Access Show 2013

Seminar details:
It's nice to have the tools of the trade, but how do customers reach you (or should I say "discover you")? Over 50% of your potential customers use Google as their starting point. What if they are looking for your services (not your company name) but you never show up in search results. An overview of the fundamental requirements for Google to actually acknowledge your existence. Learn the important homework to do before you actually revamp your new website. Does SEO still actually work? An update on Google priorities and how will these corrective efforts help your website in search results and attract new business.

Other discussions will include issues you’ll need to understand in 2013:

What Meta data is still worthwhile? Changes affecting your search result rankings introduced by Google Panda and Penguin updates. Understanding the confusion concerning SEO experts who may be offering useless long-term benefits (actually damaging results). Why the Yellow Pages web services may be undermining your success. Hacking small websites has gained popularity and how to prevent being next. Is a free hosted website actually costing you business?

Your inscription also gets you in the 13th annual All Access Show

Pierre-Louis will also be presenting two other seminars on Digital Signage and HD distribution for commercial display at Tour Tech East's All Access Show. If you are interested in commercial audiovisual installations, the show is a must. Go to www.allaccessshow.com for full details and the list of the other seminars.

Pierre-Louis Landry's brief bio:
Pierre-Louis has been in Halifax on several occasions to discuss business success using your website and social media initiatives. He is in town to coordinate Tour Tech Easts, “All Access Show” seminar section of their annual tradeshow. Besides presenting three different seminars related to visual technology, he manages their website and all online marketing activities.  Virtual partner to many businesses, his past is far from being a website designer. For 25 years he has worked with the ranks of Sony and Panasonic as well as managing sales and marketing efforts for many of their dealers.


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Who should attend?

Business owners and their marketing and communications staff, IT directors, government agencies as well as personal website owners and creators.

His seminar is also open to website designers and agencies. Strange to invite your competitors but he already works with local agencies providing visibility reports and comprehensive competitive visibility analysis for their customers. Designers are artists by nature; we work with them to provide ideas for content.

at Tour Tech East (Old Building)
170 Thornhill Dr
Dartmouth, Canada

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