Orange County SEO Sees an Increase in Traffic with the Launch of New Website

(PRWEB) December 08, 2012

Orange County SEO, a full service internet marketing optimization company, re-launches their website with successful improvements. The website design is clean and well structured with simple and concise navigation abilities. The user accessibility is engaging and accompanied by an interactive chat enabling potential clients to ask questions with direct feedback. There is a clear description of all available services as well as client testimonials reviewing the company’s success in executing tasks.

Each new feature showcases the organized clarity the company possesses in each of its ventures. Each of the updated features help to contribute to a more functional and user friendly website. The success of the new site reflects the continued achievements the company sees everyday. Orange County SEO isn’t just working for clients, they’re helping clients improve their businesses and increase their revenue. They state, Our Internet marketing services are designed to give you back control of your business success. Whether your the CEO of a large company, a Marketing Manager in charge of a department, or a small local business owner interested in achieving results through online marketing, we have a variety of tested, proven solutions to help you succeed.

In addition to the numerous changes on the site, a newly implemented SEO blog has been implemented providing an area for clients and general consumers to read, visualize and understand key strategies for internet marketing. These include guidelines, rules, positive suggestions and many infograph media files. An infograph features visual representations of various information and data presented in a quick concise graphic format. Striving to establish open communication with each client, their priority is maintaining a clear understanding of their available services regardless of the client’s knowledge of SEO and internet marketing strategies. The company provides detailed information to keep the client as informed and knowledgable as possible.

The company has already seen a substantial increase in conversion since the new site and they anticipate that the success will continually grow in the weeks to come. The favorable outcome of the sites new applications and design were implemented by website designer Craig Valadez who utilized a basic outline as a standard procedure when approaching this project. Craig states, Every website needs to be user-friendly, accessible from any web browser, and optimized for the business or individual that owns it. This requires constant attention to a websites current traffic using Google Analytics, easy content management using a simple system like Textpattern or WordPress, and a simple yet impressive layout design using the latest graphic design tools.

Orange County SEO Internet Marketing Services:

Social Media Marketing: A unique form of internet marketing, currently trending, that obtains a consistent base of website traffic through social media platforms.

Web Design and Development: The basic make up and design that contributes to building a website including the design, interface, coding, links and search engine optimization.

Paid Search Marketing: This is a common strategy to generate website traffic and often involves advertising on search engines and on partner sites.

Local SEO and Maps: A tool that helps to locally promote your business as the top search result for your company’s offerings. Additionally when seeking out a particular product or service in the area, your business comes up first.

Copywriting and Content Development: A way of using creative and persuasive writing for business and marketing purposes.

Landing Page Optimization: A strategic way of improving the number of visitors on the website by creating specific pages focused around targeted marketing initiatives. We optimize those pages to accomplish a specific conversion and get the users to take an action.

SEO Link Building: An important component of search engine optimization because it is the primary way in which a website establishes it’s authority with the search engines.

Online Reputation Management: The ability to understand, manage and redirect a business or professionals online reputation or public presence.

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