Orange Course Pilot

Orange Course Pilot
Event on 2014-06-21 10:00:00

You can make a website in less than one day, without having to pay developers thousands of dollars. We'll teach you how. 

The Orange Course introduces you to a set of free online tools without having to know tech-jargon such as HTML, JS, CSS and HTTP. No coding required.

In one weekend you will make an e-commerce website, a blog, a portfolio, and a landing page.  You will also understand all necessary technical terminology and tricks to properly create, outsource and support your projects online.

Things to bring:

  • A laptop computer (please contact us if you do not have one, we do have a rental service)
  • A laptop charger
  • Lots of enthusiasm

Lunch and refreshments will be provided on both days. 
Here's a link to our brochure and a link to our website


I'm not a tech-y person! Is this the right course for me? 

You're in the right place! Orange Course is designed to help people from a non-tech background so that you don't have to pay developers thousands of dollars to complete simple tasks that you can do yourself, with the right knowlege and tools. 

I'm a developer and would like to learn more about HTML/CSS/Javascript/PHP/Rails/Python. Is this the right course for me? 

The Orange Course is specifically designed to have NO code whatsoever – we will not be teaching basic coding practices. However, we will be offering courses in the future for people who want to learn how to code for web development – stay tuned by subscribing to our email list at

What does "Pilot" mean?

This is the first event of its kind in Toronto, and we have offered a steep discount to attendees. We will be asking for your feedback after the completion of the course so that we can continue to grow our services to best suit your needs. 

Do you have to be a startup founder or have business idea to attend this course? 

Absolutely not. Anyone can have a desire to get up to date with modern technoogy and learn more about web development, and you don't have to be business owner to benefit from knowing how to create your own blog/portfolio/CV website without any code. 

What will I learn? 

We will teach you:

  • How to make and customize standard websites by yourself with no code 
  • What should be outsourced and what can be done yourself 
  • Where and how to outsource to pay less money and get better quality 
  • Technical jargon for both web dev and web PM
  • Top tools to optimize business communications and operations

What is the teaching style? What tools are covered? 
We will begin by teaching the terminology, theory, and process behind web development , so that you will be able to communicate your needs with devs effectively in the future. We will continue by demonstrating how to use tools and hacks on a screen, and then help you complete these tasks on you own.
In 2 days, we will be covering: 

  • How to make a landing page with a subscription option to your project with a customized email address 
  • Choosing the best online website editor for different project types 
  • How to make an online survey and track results in real time 
  • Intro to web design and where to get cheap/free professional designs 
  • How to track visits to your website based on location, time, etc. and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tips and tricks
  • How to create a personal CV or portfolio website that links to social media channels 
  • How to manage subscribers with email marketing tools 
  • Collecting payments online, invoicing and billing software, and a comparison of the different tools 
  • Content Management Systems: When to use WordPress when not to, and examples. 
  • Creating and maintaining a blog 
  • Making an eCommerce website with a shopping cart and manage stock and payments.

If there is anythig that you would like to learn in particular, or if you have questions about the course content, feel free to contact us at
What is Effix? Effix (aka Effix Solutions Inc.) is a software company. We specialize in custom software (websites, mobile apps, desktop, cloud, etc.) Our founder, Yaroslav Tretyakov, has over 8 years of experience in web development and startup leadrship.   Where can I contact you if I have questions? You can email or phone us at (888) 789-5989.   






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