Order-Magnifying-Mirrors.com’s ’11BUCKSOFF Orders Over $80′ Promotion was so Successful in September, it has been Extended Straight through October

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 02, 2012

SoCal Ecommerce, Inc tested its new web promotion feature in September that customers leaped towards. The ’11BUCKSOFF Orders Over $ 80′ was so successful, it has been extended straight through October. “Order-Magnifying-Mirrors.com knows that times are tough right now and their customers sure can use a break. 386 unique customers have already used the promo code without fail. Removing the promo code during October is not an option.” ~ Richard Liguori, Ecommerce Director, SoCal Ecommerce, Inc.

In addition to the promo code functionality, SoCal Ecommerce, Inc. has partnered up with two of the most sought-after lighted magnifying mirror manufacturers and now offers the largest selection of magnifying mirrors from a single online retailer. Order-Magnifying-Mirrors.com now carries a full line of Floxite mirrors, and Zadro Mirrors complete with a fogless assortment of bathroom suction cup mirrors. Adding over forty lighted, high-magnification mirrors to their inventory has solidified their niche site and garnered over 3000 unique visitors in September 2012.

Keeping up with the changes on the web since Google’s Penguin Update wiped out online visitors to the site by 85% in May 2012 has been an eye opener, but that hasn’t stopped SoCal Ecommerce one bit. With an aggressively expanded inventory, moving products over to Ebay as well as Amazon. SoCal Ecommerce has been rebuilding ever since. The fight is being won by expanding inventory, improving the graphic user interface, and addressing old know shopping cart issues that took extensive programming to fix. Many latent site changes have been made as well. Implementing a new search feature that displays products in a larger and more organized format that is geared for an older audience was just the tip of the iceberg. A simple search for the sites most typed keyword lighted magnifying mirror shows the results. Higher resolution product images for customers seeking greater detail have been uploaded to the site as well.

Order-magnifying-mirrors.com has heard its customers loud and clear. In response added a forum for like-minded individuals to get together and an “Email Me Promo Codes” submission button to join its email list which gathers roughly 40 potential customers a week.

The shopping cart user experience has been looked at and improved. Unreported bugs were found that hampered Firefox and Safari users, but due to taking a hard look at the sites functionality for its key demographic of 54 and older customers, improvements have been made all across the board. Now any browser can use their promo codes and complete a sale in no time.

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