Orlando Internet Marketing Expert Ian Garlic Launches “Mindset Mondays” Series on Official Blog

(PRWEB) January 16, 2014

Ian Garlic, an internet marketing expert in Orlando, launches “Mindset Mondays” on his official blog. This new blog post series is aimed at small companies who are looking for a smarter and personal approach to marketing online.

Mindset Mondays will be a weekly blog post. Each week, Ian Garlic will focus on one particular aspect of internet marketing, sharing stories, tips, and tricks that he has learned in his time in the industry.

“Great stories never die. Better yet, great stories sell over and over again,” explains Garlic in the first post of the series. In this particular week, he urges business owners to think about what makes them unique, and find their voice — their story — to help set them apart. “Look for the stories you tell your clients. Look for the stories your clients tell themselves,” he advises.

The philosophies that will be covered in Mindset Mondays are more than just philosophies for Garlic. They are the basic ideas on which he founded authenticWEB, his web marketing company. He and his team take a story-oriented approach to website, video, and content development. They find what resonates with potential clients, and help businesses reach their ideal clients.

By creating Mindset Mondays, he hopes to share some of these ideas with business owners, and anyone else who is interested in learning about a more authentic way to do marketing.

The first Mindset Mondays post can be found at http://iangarlic.com/2014/01/13/getting-story-mindset/.

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Ian Garlic is the CEO of authenticWEB, an Orlando based web marketing and design company. An internet marketing expert, he founded authenticWEB fueled by the idea that businesses could evolve and grow through the web.

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