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cliqmarketing.com Orthodontist Tacoma. Cliq Marketing is a online marketing engine company in Washington and the United States. We are featuring today one of our orthodontist clients in ID. Jaeger Orthodontics is a full service orthodontist, performing braces, invisalign and Damon Braces. In this video we show the high keyword rankings on Google for targeted search phrases. They have grown their business substantially from their increased exposure online. Orthodontist Tacoma – do you need more patients? We can help any orthodontist in Tacoma increase visibility online and get amazing results. Call Today for Help 509-315-2159 Orthodontist Tacoma
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  1. Ted Kugler says:

    I posted a sneak peek from my new training course, that will enable you to create stunning and profitable marketing websites in a few hours. check it out: ==> /watch?v=ta4DtlsbPv4 <===

  2. cliqmarketing says:

    Yes we work on WordPress and also can optimize any other site whether it’s built in a CMS or from scratch

  3. cliqmarketing says:

    Jonas, give us a call and let’s see what we can do for you

  4. Linette Salls says:

    SEO is best handled by experts!

  5. aleshiadaniele271 says:

    I got ripped off by two Black Hat people – now I know to trust only established companies!

  6. Roland Berger says:

    Does it require recurrant backlinks? or the results remain on top due to relevance?

  7. Thibault LE BORGNE says:

    Nice! I could never get to the front page :(

  8. gerthapeggie12 says:

    SEO is such a mystery to me! Hope you guys can demystify it!

  9. Leida Engman says:

    Wow! Looks like you’re gonna hear from me soon!

  10. hilariaevelia259 says:

    What’s the PR on this site you’re showcasing?

  11. Isabelle Blain says:

    Cliq Marketing FTW! =) Great design !

  12. Jonas Schneider says:

    I’m in WA too! Any regional discounts? 😛

  13. alexandriashakia34 says:

    Is that a 960px design? It seems lesser.. 

  14. teramonnie33 says:

    Do you also optimize WordPress sites??

  15. Catherine Mindi says:

    The site looks great! :)

  16. Lison Carmette says:

    Wow! How do you guys do it?! :)

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