OTC Stock Picks: Announces Launch of its OTC Stock Newsletter by Looking Back on Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Viking Systems, Lithium Exploration Group, and Nephros

Stamford, CT (PRWEB) September 13, 2012

OTC Stock Picks is proud to announce the launch of its OTC Stock Newsletter by looking back on Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Viking Systems, Lithium Exploration Group, and Nephros, some of the recent ‘penny stock to dollars’ stocks.

The company is proud to announce the opening of its newsletter and intends to have a host of stock alerts for investing and trading.

The team also reminds investors that ‘penny stock to dollars opportunity’ is present in the market year.

Do Stocks Actually Go from Being Penny Stocks to Dollars?

Absolutely. And while this is certainly fact, it admittedly does not occur every day. However a patient and vigilant penny stock investor, with a few extra bucks, can find the one stock that makes them independently wealthy. The penny stocks highlighted below grew exponentially, and required a low buy-in to make the investor rich. In the space of a few-several months, three of the stocks gained a significant amount in value. Green Mountain was a long-term investment that led to massive gains.

Diamond in the Rough Stocks that Accomplished Penny Stock to Dollars Status:

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc: Went from pennies to trading near $ 32.0 per share over the 2003-12 timeframe.

Viking Systems Inc: Went from $ 0.003 to $ 1.10 over a few months in 2009

Lithium Exploration Group Inc: Went from $ 0.07 to $ 10.68 over a few months in 2011.

Nephros Inc: Went from $ 0.38 to $ 3.19 over several months in 2011-12.

How to Find the Next Penny Stock to Dollars Opportunity?

It takes time, patience, research, luck (and guts) to find out whether or not a penny stock has real pennies to dollars potential. Investors should always make sure to keep their eye on the industry, and where the company fits in the industry. The company usually has to have breakthrough potential within the industry and its products, or just starting to collect big revenues.

Another factor for these penny stocks that made it big, is an event that might described as ‘ground-breaking moment.’ These moments usually include the announcement of a change in the market-place that pushes a company to the forefront, a product approved that is superior to competitors, or a major discovery that is ground-breaking for the industry.

OTC Stock Picks is constantly searching the market for the next ‘penny stock to dollars’ moment, and looks forward to keeping investors informed of these potential opportunities through our stock newsletter.

About OTC Stock Picks

OTC Stock Picks penny stock newsletter is among the US market leaders in connecting lower exchange-traded stocks to investors. With over two decades of market experience, the team prides itself on having the pulse of the penny stock market.

OTC Stock Picks is reliable and steady resource for finding hot penny stocks in the market, and uses the latest technologies, websites and social media outlets to skillfully amass and communicate stock information.

The company’s penny stock newsletter emails are among the most polished in the business with first-class content and striking visual appeal. They provide investors with due-diligence and annotated- technical-charts to assist with insight on the hot penny stocks.

The OTC Stock Picks team tracks over 100 penny stocks with the goal of bringing traders attention to stock momentum changes and trading opportunities. The team is exceptional at predicting momentum-changes in stocks via technical analysis, and then swiftly relaying this information through its penny stock newsletters.

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