Other members imitating Siwon and talking about his habits 1/2

I did not translate or sub any of these clips. I have resubbed some of them and sometimes I changed a few words, but the credit still goes to the one who subbed it first, I didn’t translate it. Of course, I don’t own the clips and the small extracts of songs (Sorry Sorry, Boom Boom, Miinah by SJ). Some of these amazing clips/translations/subtitles are by: clairekeeply, Haiperactivity, cherub2696, koreantvshow, bofrox96, iloveSUPERJUNIORR, HappyComedyTogether, rainmakershow01, ladbuginha, arirangworld, muish So check out their other videos too ­čÖé (There was so much videos, I hope I didn’t forget anyone. If you see your subs/translation here, fell free to tell me if you want it to be removed or your name added to the list.)
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  1. thanks so much for responding!! haha, i´╗┐ finally just decided to do a google search and found it that way, but i appreciate you helping me out nonetheless!

  2. does anybody´╗┐ know the name of the song that begins around 2:10 and ends around 2:20 with kyuhyun walking?? i think it’s a super junior song, but i’m not sure. but if anyone knows, please help me out and tell me!!

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