Ottawa ranks high in life-happiness study

Ottawa ranks high in life-happiness study
This was high enough to rank Ottawa 10th overall — the highest out of any metropolitan area with a population over one million. John Helliwel, a life satisfaction researcher at University of British Columbia, said Tuesday that “it's harder in big …
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2015 NFL Draft: How high do you rank cornerback on the needs list?
While outsiders (including plenty of 49ers fans) consider the position a high need, could it be possible the 49ers are comfortable rolling the dice with this group? I suppose anything is possible, so "could" might not be the best term. A better handle …
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Tree pollen spiked to very high level Monday, may have peaked
Tree pollen levels exploded Saturday and (before the storms) Monday, and may have achieved their highest level of this season. Susan Kosisky, chief microbiologist at the U.S. Army Centralized Allergen Extract Lab explains (bold text indicates author's …
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