22 Responses to Our New Logo!

  1. Max beta says:

    Y! Mail redesign sucks.

  2. linda melbright says:

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  3. muxji says:

    hmm. this song sounds so familiar… riiiight. Google used it in their Google IO developer conference 😀 /watch?v=Dr3STRBtTp0

  4. Viktor Mozarov says:

    Nice presentation. Logo is fine too.

  5. JoeyComedian240 says:

    Fuck this shitty-ass logo!

  6. GarrettComedian says:

    2 Words, Bull-Shit!

  7. correcaminos7 says:

    The brand name is great, the rest is just details… nothing wrong with the logo.

  8. TheNormalEnoughShow says:


  9. yhynerson1 says:

    I think the logo is okay.

  10. Protoman5801 says:

    No, that’s definitely not the worst part.

  11. secretsaltshake says:

    video of boutique designer ego masturbation. check.

  12. Archit Saxena says:

    song was the best part of the video

  13. Dye Ryder says:

    I didn’t know it was that hard to write YAHOO.

  14. yhynerson1 says:

    The video lags using HTML5.

  15. Rafael Oliveira says:

    Easy way to do this: go to dafont, search for Arial, download, install, open Paint, text: Yahoo!, change color, say ”that cost me 30 days” to make this logo ! that’s srlsy?

  16. spark450z says:


  17. Ivan Cortez says:

    The so called math used in this new logo is based of the new logos O You know, the one there making right now Total Bullshit

  18. FadhlurZahri says:

    The worst part is that it isn’t ‘flat’

  19. Kıvanç Kazancı says:

    Videoya göre logoyu tasarlamışlar. Besbelli bu görünüyor. Olmamış, sevmedim.

  20. SuperVoxroX says:

    Looks like the Animation itself took more time than your new logo >.>

  21. TheVoicePsychology says:

    Use WORDART in Microsoft Word is the way BETTER!

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