OUT OF MAP ADVENTURES – DayZ Taviana Survival w/Nova, Immortal & Kevin Ep.16

Leave a like for SURVIVING ZOMBEHS www.youtube.com Once again there wasnt too much happening in this server, even with so many of us. The server listed having alot of vehicles and such but hardly any were found…till the end. Immortal: www.youtube.com Kevin: www.youtube.com Sketch: Sketch: www.youtube.com Sp00n: www.youtube.com Facebook: tiny.cc Follow Mah Twitter: tiny.cc Shirts: tiny.cc DayZ is a persistent-world Zombie RPG on Chernarus. A 225 km2 open world post-soviet state and one of the areas hit by a new and presently unknown infection which has wiped out most of the world’s population. You are one of the few who have survived and now you must search this new wasteland in order to fight for your life against what is left of the indigenous population, now infected with the disease. Go Solo, team up with friends or take on the world as you choose your path in this brutal and chilling landscape using whatever means you stumble upon to survive.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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20 Responses to OUT OF MAP ADVENTURES – DayZ Taviana Survival w/Nova, Immortal & Kevin Ep.16

  1. ProvAoEGaming says:

    They won’t stumble upon you at random if youtube is flooded with similar videos. It gets overwhelmed.

  2. kitnbent says:

    If your videos are good, people will sub when they stumble oppon you, then when you get maybe 5 thousand subs some guy with 50 thousand subs will see you and think your videos are good, therefor give you a shoutout.

  3. faeleia says:

    Kevin and Nova look like teenage mutant ninja turtles crawling down the dam LOL

  4. Blueanimekat says:

    XD dying of laughter xDZ

  5. jonah8potato says:

    Don’t forget Sketch you dingus!

  6. Slip gun says:


  7. TheOblivionParadox says:

    6:12 “I’m Eating!” *Drinks a Coke”

  8. Bumblepiez says:

    Sp00n doesn’t deserve to be in the title apparently

  9. andrew leitch says:

    make more chemarai hunt vid and i love the dead space 3 vids and all your vids 

  10. TheDARKGAMES123 says:

    skola is on serbian school

  11. Brendin Kleemann says:

    Love the DEAD SPACE 3 commercial anyone else love it????

  12. UrfrontLawnfilms says:

    So Sp00ns name is Kevin? I thought it was Nick.

  13. TheNoobsInk says:

    It’s just u

  14. edt5481 says:

    is it just me or does nova sound like he’s like 400 lbs

  15. oohhyyeeaah says:

    You are really dumb

  16. af8522 says:

    8:00 its frankie’s and jacks place 😛

  17. ChickenMeCrazy says:

    Is spoon in this video? Pardon my ignorance

  18. DemnioxSTUDIOS says:

    7:00 - I’m in the W KONA James, it says “ŠKOLA” and it means SCHOOL .. :)

  19. Rodney Rummans says:

    It’s just like the Decent. XD

  20. schmiddy1998 says:

    Never mind

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