20 Replies to “(Outdated) How to create a Yahoo email account 2013”

  1. I want to register for Flickr, but I need a Yahoo email to do it. To get a Yahoo account, a cell phone number is mandatory. I don’t have a cell phone, so now I can’t register for F@#&*er. . .

  2. Yahoo and Facebook both now require a working phone or a scanned copy of a govt issued ID. Creepy. Is this to sell info? I suspect not. What do I think it truly is then? Most likely it is a mandated order from the NSA-US Govt and they are bound by secrecy to disclose that its Uncle Sam forcing them to make it easier to identify dissenters. Big Brother is here folks. Now what are we going to do about it? Might I suggest dragging it into the sun light and driving a stake through its heart

  3. I recorded this video before they asked you for a mobile phone number. If you are having problems with Yahoo I recommend using a different email service like Hotmail or Gmail.

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