Over the top: the new war for TV is just beginning

Over the top: the new war for TV is just beginning
If Chrome and Safari are smart enough to display your most-visited sites on the web when you open up a new tab — there's no reason your TV shouldn't be smart enough to be playing your favorite shows and events when you turn it on. The TV industry isn …
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Survey: Kumamoto Castle most popular Japanese castle
KUMAMOTO—Kumamoto Castle was chosen as the top Japanese castle in a recent survey conducted by the popular travel information website TripAdvisor. The survey was titled, “Itteyokatta Nihon no Shiro 2013” (Japanese castles favored by visitors, 2013 …
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Fraudsters Most Likely to Serve Us 'Phish' on Fridays
The 30 most popular websites imitated by phishing fraudsters are worldwide household names and are visited by hundreds of thousands of consumers every day. Cloud e-mail hosts like Yahoo!, Google, Facebook and Amazon are top targets of malicious …
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