'Pacific Rim' Trailer Pits Giant Robots Vs.Monsters

'Pacific Rim' Trailer Pits Giant Robots Vs.Monsters
The official trailer for Guillermo del Toro's upcoming sci-fi flick, the Pacific Rim, is now available for your viewing pleasure. The movie revolves around an alien invasion that comes from an unexpected place — an inter-dimensional portal in the …
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Eric Schmidt: How We Outrace the Robots
At the DealBook conference today in Manhattan, I asked the executive chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt, where in the world the jobs for a great many people will be. His advice: We have to learn how to “outrace the robots.” “Given the trends of …
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Tablet-controlled assembly line robots ready for the masses
We've heard about Foxconn's legion of robots scheduled to take over for the company's human work force, and we know that robots are already working in many factories in the U.S. But bringing this kind of automation to the masses by making it simple to …
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