“Painting Glorious Rose Flowers in Watercolor – in 7 Stages,” by Lela Stankovic

Toronto, Ontario (PRWEB) December 29, 2014

Painting watercolors is a bit like taking care of your cat. You love its spontaneity and yet, its unpredictability drives one to distraction.

The Old Masters had found many secret ways around the unpredictable elements of art without sacrificing its spontaneity. But these techniques were kept secret in their guilds. Mastery of these skills liberated the artists, allowing them to give form to their imagination and mood. In her new book, Lela Stankovic shares a creative process for painting watercolors, which she has developed and perfected over many years and is based on these proven techniques of the Old Masters of art.

“Painting Glorious Rose Flowers in Watercolor – in 7 Stages by Lela Stankovic is an easy-to-learn-from watercolor painting e-Book. In her book, Lela holds nothing back in teaching artists about her new and exciting multi-layer watercolor painting technique. Her book explains a step-by-step process for creating a three dimensional rose flower that reaches out of the paper to meet the viewer. In painting this rose flower, the artist will acquire a knowledge which he or she can then apply to many different subjects. Through her book, Lela strives to share her love for art, and helps watercolor artists learn how to create beautiful, luminous paintings that glow with a true sense of presence.

This book is SO easy to follow and will be useful for the beginner to the master painter, says Marc in his book review on Amazon. Artists of all levels will benefit from this book in which Lela takes you step by step through her process of creating a glorious rose watercolor from start to finish. Lela’s book shows an artist how to start, how to paint along and how to fine tune the painting and finally, know when the painting is finished. Above all, it seeks to build in the artist, the knowledge and confidence to paint any other subject he or she chooses next.

Lela says that her book is a guide to help you observe, analyze and truly see your painting subject. One learns how to identify and analyze light and shadow areas, avoid common mistakes and how to make your aquarelle color washes glow with life. Written in a fun and engaging style, the e-book allows artists to watch over Lela’s shoulder while she paints.

“Painting Glorious Rose Flowers in Watercolor – in 7 Stages by Lela Stankovic is available on Amazon Kindle and Apple iBook stores.

About Lela Stankovic

Lela Stankovic is an artist and author whose beautiful watercolor and oil paintings are much admired for their lifelike softness and luminosity. Her blog Paint and Draw Together is popular among artists who inspire each other with comments and critiques.

I always wanted to be able to create realistic, glowing watercolor paintings that have true presence. I imagined my paintings having deep, rich, jewel like colorful shadows and contrasting sparkling lights – the lights and shadows together creating a fairy tale world of joy and happiness which is magically realistic, says Lela. In her new e-book, Lela Stankovic invites artists to learn her watercolor painting technique which combines spontaneity with a step by step process and makes it easy to create stunning watercolors.

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“Painting Glorious Rose Flowers in Watercolor – in 7 Stages by Lela Stankovic is available on Amazon Kindle and Apple iBook stores.

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