Paloma Faith – New York ( Official Video )

Buy now! The amazing new single “New York” out Sunday 13th Sept. The debut …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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18 Responses to Paloma Faith – New York ( Official Video )

  1. Carlina I says:

    Love her!!!!

  2. GuyAndaGuitarOnaBike says:

    I’m surprised Paloma’s management has chosen to market this exceptional talent at 280p instead of in 720HD. Congratulations, Paloma, on the US record deal!

  3. jaiannab says:

    her lyrics are amazing but i hate her voice and her lips are all i stare at during her music videos

  4. awildsol162 says:

    Woops i meant -3 i love this song

  5. PureXtasy says:

    You’ve earned yourself a new fan

  6. Ivar Gunnarsson says:

    Dat voice

  7. Heather Flagg says:

    What an awesome singing voice first time hearing you

  8. Mya Jupp says:

    Wow you’re sad.

  9. MrSalazarius says:

    and he is not trolling at all

  10. ilovetofly212 says:

    I had to reread that twice just to double check the stupidity of that comment.

  11. stillmatic117 says:

    lol thats comical

  12. azamtus says:

    Really good song, I wanna go out with her…. I live in london

  13. rockalldaygirl says:

    Love my paloma lol. discovered her music 2012 on vh1 divas . I was a huge amy whinehouse fan and cried for days once she passed. And I was looking for another singer who made similar music . Paloma is a true gift! She is amazing

  14. areugaycauseiam says:


  15. Jake Elwood says:

    Hey Check out my remix of “Picking Up The Pieces” on my channel, along with other originals, remixes and covers. I cover every genre from Ambient to Classical to Rock ‘n Roll so there’s something for everyone. Thanks Jake

  16. HermyLuna1 says:

    omg u are stupid :DDDD

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