16 Replies to “Panel – Lawrence Krauss, Ben Goertzel, Steve Omohundro – the Perils of Prediction”

  1. Radio used for whatever purpose, is applied use of the electromagnetic spectrum. Maxwell’s genius was to show that electricity and magnetism were different manifestations of the same thing, his equations tell us all we need to know about this field, which includes visible and non-visible light etc. As acknowledged by Einstein, Maxwell was the originator of one of the greatest discoveries made by humankind. As I said, Tesla did not invent radio.

  2. I used the exact term “radio-communication”, to distinguish it from the phenomenon of “electricity” and “magnetism”. This is why Tesla also built the first wireless remote controls. It’s a point-to-point or a broadcast approach; either way, that’s what Tesla invented: wireless networking.

  3. Tesla did good work but did not invent radio. Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell unified electricity and magnetism from which radio evolved. Then Heinrich Hertz took Maxwell’s work and produced the first electromagnetic radiation device (radio). Marconi took this work and made it bigger so he was not the inventor either. Today we honour Hertz by using his name as the word describing the frequency of radio oscillation (Hertz). Frequency was previously described as cycles-per-second.

  4. The only dickhead here is you. Though you obviously like to hear yourself think and talk, it doesn’t mean that others do. We are here for the experts not some GOD DAMN know-it-all shit like you!!!!!!!!

  5. Btw, talking about predictions. Before his invention of radio-communication became popular, Nicola Tesla wrote that in 100 years, everyone will use it to send “moving pictures”, “photos”, “audio” and “written words”. He predicted the Internet exactly 100 years before it really started to take of. So yes, there are people “ahead of their time”, but you won’t find many of them in history. I can’t think of more than two or three.

  6. Ben Goertzel, if you know him, is a super-nice guy, but also slightly introverted and he tends to “think while he’s talking”, hence why you get the impression that he’s slow/tired/”high”. Lawrence Krauss turned into a dickhead over the years and he plays the one who feels “out of place” in the panel, because he’s so much above the rest.

  7. I like him (Krauss), but all he does is extrapolate a possible future from existing and KNOWINGLY FALSE AND INCONSISTENT data. Yes, stuff like Dark Matter, Dark Energy, that little tiny thing with that Multi-Verse hypothesis that David Deutsch envisioned, etc… Basically, all he’s always doing is talking about an UNCERTAIN FUTURE, knowing that his predicitons will fail (see his an Hawking’s predictions regarding the Higgs Boson) but that in 10 years, given new data, he can change the prediction

  8. Haha. On the other hand Lawrence Krauss has specifically predicted how the universe will end, so if anything qualifies someone for a panel on Predictions… 😀

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