Papo & Yo: An Uncomfortable Relationship

Papo & Yo: An Uncomfortable Relationship
The main menu is simply a black screen with white text; the only gimmick being that a white silhouette of a frog hops onto the screen every time the cursor highlights one of the buttons. … Also joining Quico on his journey is Lula, his “awesome robot”.
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Would You Make It With a Sexbot? 9 Percent of Americans Say Yes!
According to a poll conducted by The Huffington Post and YouGov, which focused on our secret and pressing need to have intercourse with, well, robots, it showed that 9 percent of Americans agree. Hell yeah, we'd like to try it! Like Us on Facebook …
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Deep Learning
That took lots of time and still left the systems unable to deal with ambiguous data; they were limited to narrow, controlled applications such as phone menu systems that ask you to make queries by saying specific words. Neural networks, developed in …
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