Paragon (Of The Fungineers), Kruza Kid, Acidophiles, Kyma Muse and Damnesia-Vu

Paragon (Of The Fungineers), Kruza Kid, Acidophiles, Kyma Muse and Damnesia-Vu
Event on 2013-04-03 21:00:00

Paragon (Of The Fungineers)

Paragon is the one and only Cyber-Unicorn-Tron. His Dad was the King of the Robot Monkeys, and his mom was a sparkling Unicorn, they conceived paragon by accident when they musically harmonized on all 17th octaves of Awesomeness. Music is his magic, he can manipulate sub atomic particles to create never ending novelty and more Fun now. His first love and language is Beatboxing, forming bass whomps and fuzzy lip kicks before he could say words, he quickly became Fluent in fluffy buff stuff by exploring the edges of comfort zones. Paragon lives to create saucey sound portals and head nodding party poppin silly sing-along songs. Keen experimenter with all aspects of music making, he’s a innovative MC, a booming beat producer and a party rocking DJ! Paragon can see in 17D, his Unicorn horn gives him access to 17 delicious dimensions that he grabs inspirations and insights from. Riding sound waves, it tickles his fancy to Tronsmoprh teleport threw the endless excitement of fantastical worlds, creating Fun to share with all!

Kruza Kid

One of the most original, creative, positive lyrical painters coming out of Colorado. Inspired by so many, my boundaries are limitless. NO BOUNDARIES!!!! Reppin M.H.S.M. so hard, with so much amazing electronic music emerging from this scene I feel beyond blessed to be able to work/perform with some of the most talented producers out in the music game period. Look out for my Lp to drop in the Future, Mile High State of Mind, gonna take the music game by storm guaranteed.

Jeff Dubbox

Human-ganic bumpstyle of a get down. A new experience, pushing beats as far as a mind can take a mouth. Exploration of a mind's capabilities creating tarnation with or without a mic (mic of course for venues) makin a wild style of genre bending glitchy beatboxing. Aim is an acappella format of ableton's ideals of capabilities to tweak music up, makin these beats all twack-hoppy 🙂 and people happy


In an electronic world dominated by dubstep, The Acidophiles have shined through with their own unique sound they call Climactic Dubtronica. At any live performance, you can expect roaring baselines, bangin' beats and trance inducing build-ups that are masterfully blended together and delivered with the guarantee to start a frenzy on the dance floor. Watch closely as The Acidophiles play their keys with such passion and excitement, they leave the audience begging for directions back to reality. And if that wasn't enough to shoot your mind to space, The elaborately costumed Acidophiles Dancers will be sure to show you the way.

Kyma Muse

The Kyma project is a refined amalgamation of the multifaceted brainchildren of Dustin Fay. Exploiting any and all resources in the name of ART; the Kyma project strives to awaken individuals to the natural organization and syncronistic nature of life, while inspiring the divine creation within all. :: Entrain with The Source :: : : : Live. Love. Flourish. : : : Cymatics was coined by scientist and physician Dr. Hans Jenny in his 1967 publication volume 1 of Cymatics: The Study of Wave Phenomena. This book contained written and photographic documentation of the effects of sound vibrations on numerous substances including fluids, powders, and liquid paste. After several experiments he concluded, “This is not an unregulated chaos; it is a dynamic but ordered pattern.”


Damnesia-Vu ascended from the small planet Gorbatrogia of the 14th Nebulan sector. His father raised him in a world of combat training him to fight off player haters with the power of sub-frequency oscillation. Today, he is regarded as one of the greatest Bass warriors to roam this lonley planet, defending the innocent, and fucking shit up!

at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom
2637 Welton Street
Denver, United States

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