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  1. i wouldn’t be surprised if you could hit things at 1000 meters but it definitely wasn’t built for it. there’s a reason why its scope, the PSO-1 (it was designed with that particular rifle in mind), was only 4x.

  2. hi weaponeer can you tell me how does the VEPR 7.62x54r compare to the PSL , what are there max effective range and can the VEPR replace the PSL as a designated marksman rifle .

  3. “First, this is a PSL not AKM video” Of course it is, but there was a sentence mentioning AK, naturally after 3 years since this was published, you don’t remember it. 8) Formally there is no such weapon as AK47 or AK-47, that’s a misnomer that you, damn capitalist fat cats had given to AK!

  4. First, this is a PSL not AKM video, second, your not making any sense, and third your AK history is a bit off. The original AK47 had the Type 1A/B sheet metal receiver, but the welded in rails had a high failure rate, so they moved to the Type 2A/B forged receiver, and finally to the Type 3A/B milled receiver known as the AK47 until they solved the welding issue. The AK47 had a number of small problems, but the biggest was the AK47 firing out of battery (aka KABOOM) – continued

  5. – Injuring the shooter’s randomly. (which is why the Czech’s refused it and designed the Vz58 based on it) then by 1957 they fixed the welding and modernized the AK47 into the AKM using the sheet metal Type 4 A/B receiver. The FCG had the addition of a retarder to solve the firing out of battery issue, and installed the now famous slant brake and the AKM was replaced by the 5.45x39mm AK74 after 15 years due to the battlefield results in Vietnam against the M16 (modernized as well to the M16A1)

  6. If I wanted to be a PITA, I’d say all AKs had milled receivers (except very early batches issued for evaluation… which turned out to be a failure), all 7.62×39 “kalshnikovs” with stamped receivers (plus different trigger group and other improvements) were called AKM, until more modernized AK-103 came out.

  7. Unfortunately your friend is not correct, but, 95% fall for that because to looks like it should be a really cool, bad ass sniper rifle, and you find the error every place because Russia called it a sniper rifle mostly for propaganda purposes, but it was never build for the role, and they never used it for that role. it’s just used for squad level, to extend effective range of aimed fire up to 600m. even the VSSK sniper has a short 600m effective range and it’s a 50 caliber sniper rifle

  8. unfortunately i do not own a SVD i know what my friend from the army told me and he says that the SVD is a sniper rifle and is very good and it can take targets at 1000 m if the sniper knows what he is doing .

  9. I would love to see that myself, considering after 750yards it’s hard to keep it near the target. Semiautoriflelover1: it’s a safe bet he has never shot one (or anything) at 1000m (1093.6 yards), based on the 100% comment, because as you know, nothing is 100% even at 100 yards much less 1093 yards due to wind, curve, and rotation of the earth, bullet, powder, temp etc. and it’s still one of the least exceptional sniper rifles. USA Struggling? M14 is 50 years old. and a much better sniper rifle

  10. Since it sounds like your math challenged I’ll help you out. 1 MOA = 10 inch group at 1000 yards. Sniper rifles shoot less than 1 MOA, and .5 (half) MOA is not unheard of. So a .5 MOA = a 5 inch group at 1000 yrds so using math it’s easy to see as fact that the SVD is below average. the more common 2 MOA SVD has a 20 inch group at 1000yrds and a common sniper rifle shoots 5 inch group. A 20 inch group is NOT better than a 5 inch group. and that’s why the SVD is a DMR and not a sniper rifle.

  11. example, my custom 6.5×47 Lapua bolt action rifle is dedicated for very long range shooting 1500yrd to 2000yrd and in my last test in high winds at 150yrd it printed a .24 inch group (normally you shoot 100 yards for MOA testing). most SVD shoot a 2 to 4 inch group at 100yrd, but if you are very lucky (not common) you might find one shooting 1 MOA (one inch group at 100 yards) my .24inch MOA Rifle at 150yrs badly beats the SVD for accuracy at 100 yrds. a sniper rifle shoots less then one MOA

  12. Sorry, but sadly you are either badly misinformed and/or don’t know what you are talking about. I really am a gun expert and master armorer, but you don’t need to be to know that your statement that the SVD is the best real sniper rifle in the world, is a laughable ignorant statement. The SVD typically shoots a 2 inch group at 100 yards which is worse than a stock AR/M15 series rifle with scope. You really do need to learn the history of the USSR and the SVD and forget the propaganda lies

  13. 1. The SVD is more accurate at longer range then the AK. You can call it what ever you want but but the SVD’s accuracy is far below that of any U.S. “Sniper Weapon System” employed from the Springfield 1903 on. Truly “Sniper” is a mental and physical skill set. Manufactures produce accurate “target” rifles and I don’t care what you hang on them or if it shoots .10 MOA. If you Granny shoots it: it is not a “Sniper Rifle”. This term is just used to market. Sniper sells better then Varmint.

  14. The Russian term sniper rifle, is far from the Western term sniper rifle. in fact they used MN 91/30’s as sniper rifles, which is FAR more accurate than the SVD. so the comparable term they use, as well as the role of the SVD, is a DMR. another point is the AR15/M16 is MUCH more accurate than the SVD, due to the ultra light barrel used in the SVD which causes horrific barrel harmonics. Plus there is no such thing as 100% accurate to 1000m, especially the SVD that’s typically 2 to 4 MOA.

  15. you seem a very inteligent man and i want to tell you that the SVD is a sniper rifle and the entire world knows that it is an exeptional sniper rifle the SVD is a MASS produced sniper rifle and even experts in the USA say that they are strugaling to put something like that on the table the SVD is 100% accurate to 1000 m so i am sorry but you are wrong the SVD is every bit a sniper rifle

  16. – it depends on what you call as accurate. for me the minimum is 1 MOA, and for a DMR I prefer under 1 MOA, and for a sniper I prefer .5 MOA or less. The SVD and PSL both have the same level of accuracy (which is unexpected) and typically it’s 2 MOA with the right ammo you may get 1.5 MOA, but even getting 1 MOA is the exception and not the rule with the SVD or PSL). it should be noted that a rack grade M16 with scope typically shoots 1 MOA or better with ball ammo.

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