Part I: High-Res Images of Cities at Night (from ISS)

City lights broadcast our existence into the night of space. Imagine how the Earth will look to astronauts in a century’s time or longer? These images are in…

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  1. That’s not really France @ 0:23: Your label ‘France’ comes in hitting the south of The Netherlands, and it vanishes next to France (Calais). The bright part on the right is mostly Belgium. Great shots though in this vid.

  2. In the big scheme of things, that’s probably what we are at this point. But like bacteria in a petri dish, over time can give way to even more amazing things. Bacteria gave way to organs and then organisms like us.

  3. Petri dish with bacteria growing in it is what came to my mind as well. LOL! Look, were little growth stuff on a watery blue planet with hard land mass. And look, we glow. Very pretty.

  4. Very true. If anything, this global awareness makes you realize how powerless you really are as an individual. Still, I think it is the beginning of a more profound revolution, but we are racing against a minority of war mongers. Good point about overpopulation. The irony is it is our advancement which promotes it; we cure diseases, the death-rate drops, we extend our lives. Imagine we cured cancer?

  5. Indeed, problem is, most people have no power to do anything about it. Overpopulation is also becoming an increasing problem which we also have to deal with as fast as we can.

  6. I agree, the grim reality of human extinction seems more realistic than survival. What happens when any suicidal group of maniacs can get their hands on nuclear weapons? We can adapt to the changing atmosphere, but we can’t adapt to bombs that can wipe out entire cities, and no doubt in the future be able to wipe out entire countries. Another glimmer of hope is an increased global awareness through the internet. Seems more people are interested in global affairs than before TV or the net.

  7. The sad thing is, im not being pessimistic, im actually being realistic. I’m too tired to give you a good explanation, but if you think about it, if we dont change our ways we will not reach very far. And yes, an alien intervention is key for us to survive. And i really hope we get into contact with an alien civilization in my lifetime, simply because i am a biologist, and learning about the biology of a new species, AND the eco-system and animals on their homeplanet, is my absolute dream.

  8. We won’t survive 300 more years unless we change our ways of life. I hope we might one day become a class 1 civilization, but i doubt we’ll ever reach class 2, but if we do, class 3 will only happen if we get contact with another civilization that is smarter, and are more technologically advanced than our own. But us surviving another billion years, i doubt we’ll ever reach year 2187. lol.

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