Part-Time Internet Entrepreneur Tests “The Money Is In the Word Link” Technology

Akron, Ohio (PRWEB) July 22, 2006

A leading internet marketer and Adsense specialist, Joel Comm, developed the word link technology after a brain contortion developed from the Million Pixel concept that took the internet by storm last year. The pixel sites were not amenable to developing linking strategies and did little to get websites noticed by search engines.

As Joel Comm put it, this new technology allows website owners to dynamically link each word(s) to a website through a word link. These creations are sometimes referred to as “Word Cloud,” “Limited Link Marketing,” “Word Web Ring,” “Word Link,” or “Word Tagging” websites. These sites can be targeted to very specific niches if need be.

So Marcus Haug, a part-time internet entrepreneur decided to test the word link technology to see if it resulted in search engine visibility and generated revenue. He made the following statement:

“I had a three-fold reason for starting my own word link site. First, I wanted to see if my site,, would be indexed readily by the Search Engines (I purchased a word link on the original site to my new word link site). Secondly, I wanted to see if a new site linked by a word on would be search engine listed quickly. Lastly, I wanted to see if my own word link site would create some part-time income and be worth the bother.

“What I found is that my word link site was indexed by Google during the first week and had only two link entries. Now there are over 200 link entries the second week of operation. My site, , listed under the word link “credit-cards” at now has been indexed by Google and is in the top 50 listings (for free-credit-card-resource) the week of 7/16/2006. Lastly, I showed that I could indeed make some part-time money from this technology as over $ 2300 in net revenue was generated since 7/9/2006 and I expect a lot more to follow.

“There has been a steady run of internet traffic to my word link site and Google has visited over 990 times this month alone and other search engines are picking up on it. There is a testimonial on the original site that indicates enhanced traffic generation to his site occurred because of this word linking and I see this happening with my sites also.

“I have utilized the word link technology to do the same thing as the original word link site, with the additional benefit of two word links (work1-word2) to increase niche recognition. I also have the ability for the user to request there own word or two word link which adds to the flexibility in the purchasers marketing link. I also know that others linking their website(s) through my word link site will then get visited by the search engines. This would be a great way to search engine index a new website.”

An additional interesting concept for use of word link sites is to create a number of them and then sprinkle keywords throughout the word link sites that link back to your main web sites (much like using blogs to promote your main sites). Combining the blog sites with the word link sites can be a very productive method of promoting your website(s).

For information on how to post a link on this Word Link site visit:

About Marcus Haug

Marcus Haug is a part-time internet entrepreneur who had his start on the internet in 1998 and has helped create multiple internet marketing organizations through his leadership and success-oriented skills.


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