Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) February 25, 2015

This week’s launch of LA based Partiqal represents a decisively different interpretation of social media marketing, with word-of-mouth brand advocacy and creator collaboration at its core. For the first time, clients are offered the highest level of industry experience distilled into a synergy of customizable services to efficiently generate results. Partiqal’s suite of social data gives brands scalable solutions as well as customized audience analytics. Through creative and technology alliances, the agency makes social presence the core of a brand’s identity online by developing and distributing authentic branded content within some of the most influential creator networks.

“Partiqal overcomes mostly disconnected social media marketing practices by integrating six distinct services in a way that actually allows each to empower the other,” says Partiqal co-founder Elizabeth Schmidt. “In addition, we have the unique ability to develop and vastly distribute branded content, including Virtual Reality, through a collaborative network of social advocates and creators. Partiqal represents an innovative and disruptive direction for our industry.”

Building long-term brand awareness and driving word-of-mouth is Partiqal’s ultimate objective, with enduring client relationships as the measure of performance. Capable of redefining the interactive landscape, the agency executes strategic marketing campaigns that meticulously coordinate social media management, social paid media and creator collaboration across all social platforms. Partiqal believes augmented and virtual reality to play a large role in the future of media and content consumption and have already developed strategic partnerships to provide VR content solutions to brands.

Partiqal also leverages its network of creators and social leaders to provide tailored workshops, panel discussions and group training sessions to private corporate clients. Partiqal’s core tenet is “Divergent thinking leads to convergent learning” which effectively leads to a better understanding and utility of hard data and facts. Awareness and understanding allows a brand to integrate the creativity and innovation of tomorrow’s social leaders.

Partiqal programs across every major social platform including emerging and international networks, to stay ahead of the latest feature releases, social trends, and shifts within the ever-changing digital marketing landscape. Partiqal is also keenly aware of the wide range of social platform user experiences. As a result, campaigns for social platforms like Tumblr and Instagram are approached quite differently than Facebook and Twitter on both a creative and analytical level. is a unique social media agency that impacts social conversation by collaborating with brands and creators to entertain audiences. The hybrid, content-driven social media agency develops publishing and distribution strategies specific to a brand’s goals and objectives. A refined client list keeps the hands-on work of the agency focused and the quality of work high. Based in Los Angeles, Partiqal was founded by managing partners Ajay Chadha, Elizabeth Schmidt and Anthony Manzo.

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