Paso Robles Self Storage Facility Releases Report On Clutter And Productivity

PASO ROBLES, Calif. (PRWEB) May 20, 2015

River Road Mini Storage, a self storage facility in Paso Robles, released a report today regarding the connection between clearing out clutter and increasing productivity. It reports new researchers from Princeton University, published a report in the Journal of Neuroscience, which showed that ability to focus decreases when more clutter is present.

In the Princeton report, Interactions of Top-Down and Bottom-Up Mechanisms in Human Visual Cortex, researchers found that the more clutter is present in a work environment or home, the less productive that person becomes.

Combat Clutter

While some may argue that chaos promotes creativity, and many creatives consider themselves too free-spirited to create an orderly home or work space, studies have shown that orderly environments actually promote mental clarity. At work, coworkers or higher-ups may even view messiness as indicative of poor work ethic or inability to properly prioritize.

Some tips to help reduce clutter:

1) Prioritize.

Clutter can be combatted by asking, When was the last time I used this item, said River Road Mini Storage owner Rick Runnells. If its been over 6 months, then its best to store the item or donate it.

2) Reorganize

Resist the urge to create piles of papers. Instead, file papers as soon as they are received, but make sure that the organizational system is easy to use.

3) Digitize

One easy way to store paperwork and things such as cards, articles or family photos is to digitize the content. Scanning and even taking photographs of the items, and then saving them to a cloud based software system will help reduce clutter significantly, as well as guarantee that your content wont be gone forever in the event of a disaster or a computer crash, said Runnells.

The Self Storage Solution

Many people are hesitant to get rid of items that may have sentimental value. Self storage facilities, such as at River Road Mini Storage, can be an excellent solution. Remember to take time to carefully pack your cherished items, making sure to properly protect and label the contents, and then rest easy, knowing that your treasures are safe, but not cluttering up your home or office and hindering your productivity, Runnells said.

River Road Mini Storage is self storage facility located in downtown Paso Robles. With benefits such as code controlled gate access, well-lit and fully fenced premises, on-site security cameras, multiple sized storage units, and easy payment options, River Road Mini Storage has the right storage solutions for every customer.

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