Pathfinder Basics – Part 1: Stats, Races, Classes

A casual tour through the Pathfinder core book. (Timestamps below!) Part 2: Video Table of Contents: What is Pathfinder? 00:35 Ability Scores and Stats: 3:01 Races: 10:06 Classes: 15:58 Alignments and Character Concepts: 26:30 (Then back to classes) Moving your Stats: 37:20
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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15 Responses to Pathfinder Basics – Part 1: Stats, Races, Classes

  1. DawnforgedCast says:

    It also gives a bonus to Will saves vs. Anger, Arrogance, Lust, Deceit and a wide variety of other detrimental status conditions.

  2. SonOfTheFortress says:

    prayer rope which gives a plus to jesus prayer checks?

  3. DawnforgedCast says:

    The geek is powerful with her.

  4. powuivnpeb says:

    God damn she got some lucky rolls, she was made for this :)

  5. DawnforgedCast says:

    You’re very welcome! If any further questions pop up please feel free to ask them here.

  6. RyanTheWinrar says:

    This series was immensely helpful to me, thanks for posting it. The book was just a bit overwhelming and you explained everything almost perfectly. With your help, I should have a group going pretty soon. Thanks for the videos.

  7. DawnforgedCast says:

    Exciting! I’m sure you’ll find it enjoyable. Do let me know if you leave there confused on anything and I’ll be happy to fill in as best I can.

  8. thetom54 says:

    Thanks for this video, really helped a lot. I’m a total d&d noob, going for my first session next friday…can’t wait!

  9. Nolzei says:

    Sweet I guess I’ll play some baldurs gate until then

  10. DawnforgedCast says:

    We should be doing a 4E game tonight actually, so that I can learn a bit more about 4E and be better able to help answer your question. :)

  11. Nolzei says:

    Any help with the way I wanted to covert a 4e character to pathfinder ? Also are doing any games tonight live ?

  12. DawnforgedCast says:

    I’m very happy to provide! I love to teach.

  13. ArticulateT says:

    Sweet, been looking for something like this, reading the book by itself is a bit of a hassle. You sir have earned another subscriber!

  14. DawnforgedCast says:

    Thanks…though time and tabletop playing will tell for certain…

  15. krysta thornton says:

    great teacher! 

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