Pathfinder Falls

Pathfinder Falls

Image by M@ Kadlick
Pathfinder Reservoir Flows Over the Uncontrolled Spillway at Pathfinder Dam – Inflows to the Reservoir from a combination of snow melt and a severe rainstorm increased reservoir water levels to capacity, which allowed for water to be released over the uncontrolled portion of the spillway for the first time since 1984. It has already been running like this for over 2 weeks and doesn’t show any signs of slowing yet.

It’s not every day that you get to take photos of a waterfall this big that hasn’t existed for 26 years.

This is a 2 shot vertorama

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5 Responses to Pathfinder Falls

  1. Arcturus46 says:

    Great picture, and great story behind it. Nice Matt!

  2. colonial1637 (off & on) says:

    Beautiful shot M@. I’ve seen it flow over like this 3 different years. It is quite a sight!! This is one of the best photos of the event I’ve seen this year!

  3. cloudwender says:

    Great shot M@! I went out there last week myself–pretty cool!

  4. DiGitALGoLD says:

    Wow!! well done capturing one of natures beautiful gifts. Loving the details and image quality.

  5. liu hua china says:

    A+++ Grade Photo(Post 1 give A+++ logo to 3 pics)

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