16 Replies to “Pathfinder Mods to the Ontario Machete and Sheath (Inspired by Colhane)”

  1. You’re pretty smart In survival Techniques and pretty wise. And the good thing is You do not let it go to your head And in your videos I like how you Involve your Followers In your videos It seems to me That you actually care for your followers And it seems to me That you really want to help your followers To do the best they can.keep it up. you got mad skills.now im a new follower

  2. Those ontario’s are heavy and have terrible plastic handles. Combine that with rain and that machete will go flying after a melee swing. If you tie it to yourself it will come back and hack off your penis or leg. A good machete could be used with one hand with full force, the other hand using bear spray or a make shift shield.

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