Pathfinder Mods to the Ontario Machete and Sheath (Inspired by Colhane)

Pathfinder Mods to the Ontario Machete and Sheath (Inspired by Colhane)
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16 Responses to Pathfinder Mods to the Ontario Machete and Sheath (Inspired by Colhane)

  1. Meigamergirl says:

    do you still have the Ontario Machete and Sheath on the website

  2. Don Yeo says:

    Hi Dave, may I know where you purchased the machete? I would like to own one. Went to your website. It’s not available. I thought you sell it.

  3. lightthiscity11 says:

    30 BUCKS FOR A GORTEX JACKET? Good god that is a steal.

  4. Don Yeo says:


  5. 001southerncomfort says:

    nope not at all man this is the guy who should have been in dave VS wild

  6. Ikefis says:

    after all the years of learning from you…I always catch something I missed before. Thx bro

  7. norsewulf86 says:

    thanks Dave I’ve learned slot from your videos can’t wait to watch more, I’m from Michigan any tips on my neck of the woods?

  8. Lewis Woolsey says:

    You’re pretty smart In survival Techniques and pretty wise. And the good thing is You do not let it go to your head And in your videos I like how you Involve your Followers In your videos It seems to me That you actually care for your followers And it seems to me That you really want to help your followers To do the best they can.keep it up. you got mad im a new follower

  9. CmdrSoCal says:

    Those ontario’s are heavy and have terrible plastic handles. Combine that with rain and that machete will go flying after a melee swing. If you tie it to yourself it will come back and hack off your penis or leg. A good machete could be used with one hand with full force, the other hand using bear spray or a make shift shield.

  10. Grayson Kosak says:

    Hey dave, do you think you can make a video for us on how to put a Scandinavia grind onto our knives and machetes. 

  11. FelipeBRARSPF says:

    Mine says: “good luck !”

  12. wildernessoutfitters says:

    Just buy a Gun Bluing Kit, or let it patina naturally like it should brother

  13. Anthony Girardi says:

    all the bluing came off my pathfinder trade knife, how do i reblue or strip the rest? 

  14. prodf says:

    Whta this has to do with Role Playing Game ?

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