Pathfinder Nessmuk Trail Tarp by Duluth Pack Co

19 thoughts on “Pathfinder Nessmuk Trail Tarp by Duluth Pack Co

  1. I know i can trust anything puts his name on. I have purchased several pathfinder logo gear and have zero complaints. Dave thanks so much for all the videos, info & gear reviews

  2. There is (was?) a company called Panther Primitives that make all manner of tents. You can get the Whelan, Baker, Pyramid, etc. Even a viking style or a Roam legionnaires bivouac! They also do custom work and have multiple fabric options like Sunforger etc.

  3. I feel sorry for you, bro. You seemed to have picked up some very picky and critical followers. For me, I thank you for everything I’ve learned with your generous free productions. You’re a man among men, sir. Thank you.

  4. Dave I think thats a good buisiness model with so much cheap crap being made in CHIna. You have that choice or make it yourself. SO than the question is If I make it myself or pay $50-$100 for your company to make it. How much is my time worth If I make it myself.  If I made it for you or some other company I would say the cost of living that the illegal aliens make for these big companys just to eliminate US jobs. I Saw the issues with You and cody as having different skill sets!

  5. One of the best what i’ve ever seen. Plus one idea from my experience. The head and foot side. There should be taller wall from Sprigs and stones with leaves.

  6. Ever seen or used a Whelan Tent? Basically a lean to type of shelter with sides that splay outward, leaving only one side open to draft or weather. I don’t know if anyone still makes those but it would seem a worthwhile purchase if one is to be had made of modern material,

  7. Dave–I LOVE that basic set-up for a WINTER camp. Head should be toward the West (prevailing winds) and shielded by some small wood if possible, open front toward the South or SE for early sun. Feet slightly downhill. Close-in fire, NICE! One suggestion: I had this problem a couple of times. If it snows heavy or warms up enough to have hail or rain, keep a stick handy to put in that front center grommet to lift it, because a dip there can channel rain water or a snow-drop right into your fire.

  8. Hey Dave, by any chance would you know the Weight of this tarp? On there site it does not have it on there… Just curious about how heavy it us… The tarp i just got myself from Tractor Supply Co. Is a perfect tarp… it just weighs about ten tons… and is WAY to heavy for me to carry around… So its going to be the tarp for my car, for emergencies. Thanks for the videos! take care, A.J.

  9. Hey Dave, A suggestion for the tarp. Have the Pathfinder patch stitched into the center of the tarp with a loop through it to tie off to. That way the patch has more than one use. Ian

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