Pathfinder Product Review 16 Thermoregulation E Kit

Lighters are essential pieces of Emergency Fire Kits,However they cannot be shipped by Mail, so I would suggest adding 2 Orange Bic lighters to this Kit as w…

23 thoughts on “Pathfinder Product Review 16 Thermoregulation E Kit

  1. i just got the kit and its great i just added an aditional fero rod that i can pull out and wear around my neck, 2 lighters, some pine pitch and a bandana to it and i also swapped the space blanket for a military Mylar casualty blanket because its more durable. the only thing i didn’t like is i had to re profile the edge on the pathfinder fire steel because it didn’t throw sparks all that well but 1 min with a grinder and it was perfect

  2. I was going to suggest a 6′ piece of paracord and a couple of D-Rings on the sides of the pouch so that it can be turned into a haversack, but one could just use the bankline and run it under the lid. I really like the direction of your bits. I’m getting more into a frontiersman-type skillset because I feel it was a time period that offered the best of primitive knowledge with modern tools that don’t require anything but natural resources to be used.

  3. Hi Dave. I know this is a bit off topic but here goes. There has this One Gun to Rule Them all!! thread going around recently. Its actually pretty good hearing what different gun experts think, it would be really cool if you could do one, as it seems the shotgun is not the weapon of choice. It would be really good to hear your voice on the matter. Ive seen your videos on the subject, and your opinion makes sense and comes at the topic from a different angle.

  4. Hey Dave a great video, would it be cost effective to include a military style mess tin in this kit, which would give you a metal container, not the best but in an emergency as this kit is designed for it’s perfect, Highly polished, it could be used for signalling, all the contents would pack inside it. and the addition of a Maglite Solitare = another fire starter with some steel wool. as shown in another one of your videos.

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