Pathfinder Trailer

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  1. that`s reserved for my mates…tequila,women and Lana Del Rey are during the weekends!! you dont want to have a booty call that likes BG btw.,cos she`ll probably look like a dude 😉

  2. I dont like this movie. im from Denmark, and this is not what we learnd about our ancestors. I dont think they should be ma´king movies based on false truth.

  3. yeah. vikings are no evil. its hard those days and you kill to survive. they do not differ from japanese samurai or a christian knight. they killed innocent people too. main reason? because they are not educated. thats the past. its different now. so lets act educated if you dont want to be called evil. ohh..fuck it. just enjoy the movie bitches.

  4. What is your point? The aboriginals never formed any sort of government, besides hunter and gatherer tribes who constantly killed each other for territory. Many of them were cannibals and performed ritualistic killings and all sorts of evil acts, are you saying the aboriginals didn’t war with each other? If the white people didn’t take over Europe and provide welfare for the aboriginals, do you think another country wouldn’t have taken over?

  5. WTF are you guys talking about! Saying that the vikings where evil, im swedish so i think i know my ancestors better than what you ignorrant litte flintlockfags do! LEARN BEFORE YOU SPEAK!!!!! ALL HAIL ODIN!!

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