Paul Potts sings Nessun Dorma

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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20 Responses to Paul Potts sings Nessun Dorma

  1. hari seldon says:

    oh mamma ! va bene solo per un talent

  2. Eyoel Kebede says:

    why? dont get it :S

  3. purplesplice says:

    Still touching after all these years

  4. gudah9786 says:

    What a nice voice.. I was touched ..

  5. LightStreak01 says:

    Man, his face on the page is so sad looking by itself. I wanted to cry before he even started singing!

  6. jay boryk says:

    best thing is that you see piers for who he is take simon on this one he with out a doubt is joyed by paul piers meh

  7. TheTapdancer4ever says:

    Wowww…got tears down my eyes man.

  8. Freewhite1966 says:

    This video always make me feel good 😀

  9. jsmnl1 says:

    well if you dont try, you will never be lucky or have talent. So yes life isnt fair, but sitting down is not going to give you anything.

  10. sufi anto says:

    paul you make me crying,, I love this song,,every time i hear it,,this song always touch my hearth..

  11. TheKrasnaludek says:

    Such a badass … what a champion; respect from Mississippi USA!!!

  12. MrThelionheart69 says:

    They gave him the best 4 minutes in his life,thanks BGT

  13. dkspartan1 says:

    What part of amateur don’t you understand? He’s only had sparse training to begin with. And his sound? He’s singing in a large studio. How do Opera singers sound with proper acoustics?

  14. itsjemmabond says:

    I agree. People like Russell Watson may criticise him, but by Jove can Paul sing. In fact, I hear he sings it better now because he’s had his teeth fixed – even he himself has said that the dental work enables him to pronounce the words better. By the way, are you sure Paul was not trained? I though he trained it Italy.

  15. itsjemmabond says:

    Actually, he’s English, but Wales is now his home.

  16. themsfightinwoids says:

    “Everything is possible if you believe in yourself” …AND if you have talent or exceptional luck. Without that, your slogan is facile and not worthy of people who have matured beyond Disney cartoons. Get real. Life isn’t fair, so don’t expect to make it big just because you try hard.

  17. itsjemmabond says:

    When did she call him a frog?

  18. itsjemmabond says:

    I totally agree – Mario Lanza was better than Pavarotti by far. He would have been a great operatic tenor.

  19. rat1026 says:

    If you are then you are not alone

  20. FrederickDP3 says:

    Thank you, Paul!! Amazing 

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