PC HealthBoost has a New Feature, My PC Backup

Boston, MA (PRWEB) May 15, 2013

Boost Softwares flagship product, PC HealthBoost improves PC performance and reduces dll errors by cleaning and maintaining the Windows registry. In a recent announcement, the company noted the addition of a new cloud-based feature that provides customers with free backup services, syncs files across devices, and lets users share files while providing encrypted security.

This feature is myPCbackup Erin Walsh, Director of Public Relations for Boost Software, spoke about the new product. PC HealthBoost offers computer users an easy way to clean up computer hang ups and clean up pc slowdowns. With the addition of these new features, users are getting more than the blue screen of death fix, or a solution to problems they dont understand like error 1719 and error 1722. Theyre getting a robust, cloud-based, file sharing solution that offers unlimited storage, free cloud backup and file versioning, all under the secure protection of enterprise-level encryption. With a feature set like this, users will have the ability to not only clean up existing problems, but also to safeguard their data and important files with a cloud-based backup.

While PC Health Boost will continue to focus on registry cleaning, My PC Backup will add new features into the package. The program runs in the background, keeping important data backed up and available across multiple devices.

Users will be able to collaborate with friends, sharing files through the cloud, all protected with 256 bit secured socket layer encryption. Cloud-based services are growing in popularity, and access to products like My PC Backup are getting more people involved in public cloud offerings.

Boston, MA based Boost Software also markets DriverBoost, a software product that assists people upgrading to Windows 8 by ensuring all their existing hardware can communicate with the Windows 8 OS.

To find out more, visit http://PCHealthBoost.com. We are always looking for advertising and partnership opportunities and anyone wanting to meet with us may reach using the contact us link provided.

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