PCM Tech Talk Live! 5: AdSense, Broadcasting, Windows 8 and More

This video is brought to you by: www.pcmtechhelp.com We cover Live Broadcasting Creating A YouTube Channel Being Consistent With Content Google AdSense Policies Recovering Google AdSense Accounts Google AdSense Alternatives Diversification of Revenue Windows 8 UI Issues Windows Marketing Problems Windows Future Compared To Linux Linux Ubuntu As A Windows 8 Alternative And More…
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18 Responses to PCM Tech Talk Live! 5: AdSense, Broadcasting, Windows 8 and More

  1. Paul Phenix says:

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  2. NullsetComputerCo says:

    Just started watching your live broadcasts, keep up the excellent work man!

  3. Andrew Armstrong says:

    it’s all backwards

  4. RoLeXDubstep says:

    not worth it to get a 650 if your going to game on it for heavy use.If you plan to just play games that are low end or just searching the web then its fine.But honestly a good card at a decend price right now.An im a nvidia fan btw.But if your going to be gaming alot an demanding games go with a AMD 7850.Its a decent card and its low prices and will give you good fps in gaming.But you wont beable to play on ultra settings.

  5. Jason Walker says:

    would you buy Asus Nvidia GeForce GTX 650

  6. Jason Walker says:

    would you buy Asus Nvidia GeForce GTX 650

  7. BigNate84 says:

    I totally hear what your saying about sticking with a topic. This year I will be focusing on audio visual and tech topics. Those videos tend to get the most views on my channel yet I love to do all sorts of videos. I’d love for you to critique my channel sometime. Thanks Craig.

  8. BigNate84 says:

    oops! :-) I thought it was just my dislexia…

  9. allismagic1 says:

    xsplit fail lol

  10. Oscar Abrahamsson says:

    Best CPU & GPU for gamer?

  11. jonathan williams says:

    best sound card for a dj

  12. KoolDeri says:

    Ubuntu is ready after install, if you have Intel.

  13. MegaCRAFCIK says:

    What do you think about the upcoming PS4 and Xbox720 ?

  14. endless031 says:

    9 pm. East coast is 3 am. for me,I am in Europe. But I am awake at that time anyweay 😀

  15. bladeguy156184 says:

    Do you think ipv4 will be replaced by ipv6 and do you know the difference?

  16. Sprollucy says:

    Ubuntu has tons of drivers. It depends on which drivers you want. It has proprietary drivers you can install after install for ati and nvidia cards.

  17. tazgr says:

    if windows8 is not good with that UI think about win8 server edition! (yes theres a server edition of windows 8) oh god what a laugh it was! 😀

  18. ThemRetardedHorses says:

    i mean to ur computer and internet

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