Penelope Cruz Promotes Super Mario Brothers 2; SocialAdr Review Released Shows How the Service Promotes Your Website

(PRWEB) August 20, 2012

Although using a celebrity in a comedic stunt is a great advertisement strategy for Nintendo, online businesses need to build links and use social signals through SocialAdr to have their products get noticed. The most recent Nintendo advertisement for Super Mario Bros. 2 features actress Penelope Cruz dressed as the famous plumber from the game. This interesting strategy is part of a video, which features Cruz and her sister playing the game, and whoever loses must go out in public dressed like Mario. Although the quality of the video has come into question by a SlashGear writer in a post yesterday, the feat will undeniably draw more attention to the Nintendo game through the attention-grabbing image of Penelope Cruz dressed as Mario.

Although marketing stunts can be funny and intriguing, they are not always successful. The only sure-fire way to grab more attention for you website is it have people using social signals, much like votes, that cause a companys website to rank higher in search engine result pages. For example, having someone press the Facebook like button on a website sends out this social signal to search engines and positively affects rankings. Beyond this, link building has been a known SEO strategy that internet marketers have used for a long time, but often does not work if automated and not accomplished by a real human being.

The tool SocialAdr allows users to successfully build links and use social signalswithout automation. Real human beings with real accounts can give a companys website Facebook likes, Tweets, or +1s to help them with their social signals, thus driving traffic and a higher ranking. Any SocialAdr review that can be found online goes over its best feature: SocialAdr can be used free of cost. By linking and liking other peoples bookmarks, SocialAdr users can have their bookmarks linked and liked for free. There is a paid account option too, for people who do not feel they have the time to participate in the tradeoff system.

For any company who is looking for more traffic to their website to increase consumer attention, much like the Penelope Cruz ad is supposed to do for Super Mario Bros. 2, should look into SocialAdr after finishing this SocialAdr review. It offers free and paid accounts, quick results, and guarantees to have real humans promoting the bookmarks and links that a company may want to post. For more information about SocialAdrs services, visit this SocialAdr review:

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