Penguin and Googles View of Links

Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) April 26, 2013

The next major update for Googles search engine algorithm is called Penguin, and Think Big SEO has been watching this update and the news surrounding it to best learn how to modify linking practices. Its been no secret that Google has been working diligently to punish those who try to use bad links as a way of increasing their page rank. In an article by Eric Enge written on Search Engine Watch, he delves into how Google views links.

One of the best ways of describing what Google wants links to be is to think of them as citations in an academic research paper. The links should support what the content says, not be the content themselves. The links also must be relevant to the content. Thus, the whole idea of link building is, to Google, absolutely the wrong way of creating content for a webpage.

There are a number of different ways of judging if a link is going to be seen as helpful or be penalized by Google. One question to ask is would the link be on the website if Google was not a factor. Another thing to consider is how the link affects the content on that page. Would the business use that link as an example of their content?

Dealing with the challenges Google presents when it comes to links is one of the reasons why SEO consultants are worth the money. Hiring a knowledgeable SEO consultant who knows how Google Penguin works will be able to create natural links that fit a websites content and context while building traffic.

As Think Big Online founder Samuel Junghenn points out, A knowledgeable person that breathes SEO will give you sound advice all throughout. This expert should be well-versed in Googles newest algorithms and how the will affect a website. A full SEO service will understand these algorithms and know which strategies are best for each clients website.

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