Penn State Abington Firefighting Robot Contest

Penn State Abington Firefighting Robot Contest
Robotics enthusiast flocked to the annual Penn State Abington Regional Firefighting Robot Contest last week. Developers of all ages and skill levels entered their autonomous robots, which were programmed to search a maze and locate and extinguish a …
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Getting Metal in Lithgow with Ironfest 2013
Imagine Game of Thrones meets Australian rural fair, but with robots. I only heard about it this year after my friend Katy told me … I took a lot of photos, be sure to check out the gallery at the top of this article. See you at Ironfest 2014, it'll …
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12 Iron Man Villains We'd Like To See In The Movies
Who else in his rogues gallery could make for a good movie nemesis? Let's make a quick list, because everybody loves lists all the time all over the internet. … she created the golden-visaged identity of Madame Masque to hide her disfigurement …
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