subscribers saw a 17.07% gain on A123 Systems, Inc last Friday after it was announced as a Top Penny Stock

New York, NY (PRWEB) November 12, 2012

A123 Systems, Inc closed up 17.07% last Friday after a widespread awareness campaign from As this penny stock newsletter group has grown, they have displayed a high degree of ability to outperform the markets with their top penny stock newsletter alerts. Rarely has the penny stock exchange a penny stock newsletter organization with the level of determination that this one has shown, in rising up in the ranks so quickly. Though the 17.07% increase was certainly nice to see for investors, it was the dollar volume brought in after the alert that was most impressive. After being discussed heavily on their penny stocks blog and their various social networking platforms, A123 Systems, Inc saw over $ 2.6 million in trades. This sort of dollar volume is generally reserved for larger companies trading within the larger exchanges, so the fact that this sort of volume was seen after the alert from, goes to show that their organization has significant pull within the penny stock exchange. As time continues, investors interested in trading penny stocks have grown increasingly interested in subscribing to their penny stock newsletter platform.

Over the course of the past month, has grown rapidly among the ranks of other penny stock newsletter organizations. The young management team behind the organization has managed to make the fast changes that the penny stock exchange demands from these organizations because they have grown up utilizing the very technologies that they need to grow this business. As a result of utilizing social networking for the bulk of their lives the founders of have found that they are often far better suited to make rapid changes within their platform because the tools that they have to utilize to release their best penny stock newsletters, are essentially second nature for them. The strength that has brought into their top penny stock alerts has been an eye opening experience for many investors, that had not realized the sort of pull that a penny stock newsletter group can have. As the group continues to grow, especially by providing live updates through its penny stocks blog, it is likely that we will continue to see the strength of these newsletter alerts increase, due to a wider audience. and its employees are not registered as Investment Advisers in any jurisdiction whatsoever. We encourage all of those that are interested in trading penny stocks, or any other form of investment, to conduct their own research to garner a better understanding of what they are getting involved in. Be sure to read the full disclaimer at:

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