Pentatonix – Love Again (Pentatonix Perform Their Holiday Hit at Yahoo)

Now the vocal sensations have landed in the top 10 of the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart TWICE in the past month, with their sophomore release PTX Volume 2 an…

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7 Responses to Pentatonix – Love Again (Pentatonix Perform Their Holiday Hit at Yahoo)

  1. DawnFan4ever says:

    Yahoo needs better mics. this was great but just imagine it could have been AMAZING if their mic quality was better and you could actually hear Kevin

  2. relisa96 says:

    this is a really really awesome song!! I am so exited to hear more originals from them… they’ve been nothing but awesome so far ^^

  3. Calliope Muse says:

    Those growl vocals by Scott in the bridge though… F*cking awesome. With this we can now officially claim that Scott Hoying can sing ANYTHING.

  4. INFChowder says:

    If they had better mics, it would sound exactly like the studio version. I didnt think that was possible…..

  5. Jous H. says:

    That cute “werk” that Scott says :33

  6. Nicollo di Talapanini says:

    Very cool! :)*

  7. Aaron Johnson says:

    Was Kevin’s mic even on? These guys are awesome but Yahoo dropped the ball on audio quality. 

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