pentax super program

pentax super program

Image by brian hefele
see notes for more details on this body, and i’ll have a review up on soon a little review is now ready for reading right here. all in all, this is a pretty impressive camera. it’s large by my standards, but small by those of many. for as much functionality is crammed in, i guess it earns its size. fully electronic, no mechanical fallback whatsoever. full range of p,a,s,m exposure modes, buttons for shutter speed selection. no program shift. shutter range from 15" to 1/2000" (plus bulb). decent, though not necessarily complete, readout in finder. shutter fires at 1/1000" until frame one, meaning you probably lose frame zero, odd quirk. feel is pretty solid, but nothing like, say, an mx. shutter sound is rather heavenly. all in all, a pretty sweet camera. the meter switch is really pretty bad on mine, which is a shame.

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