Performance Based SEO for Real Estate Professionals Now Accessible Online by

Columbus, Ohio (PRWEB) July 28, 2013

Website rankings have changed since the year 2007 due to restructuring online by top search engine companies. The housing industry is starting to recover in some parts of the country and marketing online is now expanding business for some professionals. The company is now providing performance based seo for real estate professionals online. These services require no payment until intended results are achieved.

The traditional trends in the marketing industry are for companies to charge monthly retainer fees based on different levels of success in marketing. The rising costs for these fees can make it harder for smaller companies without larger advertising budgets to compete with other successful companies online.

The new search engine performance based marketing services offered is removing the standard monthly fees and allowing a result based model.

Real estate agents, brokers, house flippers and wholesalers need results quickly, said a marketing specialist from the EZ Ranker Co. More companies are now building lists of qualified buyers using online tools instead of offline marketing with signs and banners.

The ability to maintain a higher ranking in search results can mean the difference between success and failure in the fast paced real estate industry. Consumers depend on targeted keywords to find relative websites that provide the information or services that are needed.

Specific marketing campaigns based on a range of different strategies are now part of the formula for results at the company.

Aside from real estate industry clients, this company offers its services for a range of companies. Small and large e-commerce related companies, hobby retailers, dentists, physicians and auto industry clients now makeup the companies that are utilizing the result based formula that is provided.

More information about company supplied search engine marketing services can be found on the homepage of the EZ Ranker website. A fast track evaluation form is now provided online for companies to receive a no charge evaluation of existing marketing campaigns and website optimization strategies.


The company provides 21st century SEO solutions to small businesses in the U.S. and Canada. The performance model that is used by this company eliminates the monthly maintenance fees that some marketing companies charge to promote websites online. This company has hired a complete staff of search engine marketing specialists who get guaranteed results. The company provides no charge evaluations of existing websites to help small business owners tailor a plan of marketing that could improve monthly search and sales volume. The company website provides an immediate review form that is accessible 24 hours a day.

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