Performance Marketing Network MobAff Launches New Ad Tracking Service

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) March 29, 2013

MobAff today announced that their new mobile platform, a centralized solution for advertisers and distribution partners, will be available for beta testing starting April 1, 2013. The platform will allow for its users to traffic offers from any affiliate network or advertiser and track, optimize and manage their campaigns and distribution channels from one place.

Mobile distribution partners work with dozens of networks and direct advertisers, not to mention a plethora of distribution channels. They are forced to use 3rd party platforms to track, optimize and manage all of their campaigns. Our system will allow users to automatically import offers from their favorite partners, create campaigns seamlessly, and deploy across their favorite channels, says Alex Tsatkin, CEO of MobAff.

The platform is built on a hosted cloud system that will aggregate information from several industry sources. Using our 3rd party data providers, our reporting will allow for deep accurate analysis to help optimize campaigns and improve ROI, says Alex. In addition the platform is built on a NoSQL scalable infrastructure, which will allow qualified publisher users to use the platform free of charge, he adds.

The beta testing will be limited to selected advertisers and publishers until the public launch, which is set to early summer 2013. Anyone who is interested can sign up at

About MobAff LLC

MobAff LLC is a performance marketing network that connects mobile advertisers and publishers through Cost Per Action advertising. Using a proprietary tracking technology, MobAff is able to scale campaigns without sacrificing the quality of leads. With international reach, MobAff has worked with advertisers from various verticals, and helped them enable effective optimization of ad spend and performance.

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